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League of Women Voters Questionaire

League of Women Voter Candidate Questionnaire 2021


  1. Motivation

    I believe the collaboration between Parents and the ISD is critical for the Success of our Students. Parents must have a seat at the table regarding the decisions being made. We all want what is best for our children and it starts with listening. I believe in equal access to public education across all grade levels and all students should receive daily instruction. The need for transparency is critical. Parents should be actively involved and informed about decisions being made in our schools. 


  2. Finance: 

    The most pressing concern is the decrease in enrollment and the financial consequences. To date about 2200 students have unenrolled from PISD and that accounts to $20 million dollar loss. That financial loss will carry over to the following years. Unfortunately, this is on top of the expected decline in numbers projected. We need to retain our students; we need to look for ways to reach the students that left the ISD that still live in Plano. 


  3. Goals:

    My goal is the success of our students. I am committed to being a Trustee that actively engages with the concerns of our students, parents, and staff.  Transparency, accountability, and focus on academic excellence will provide our students further opportunities to learn and then earn. The academic success of our students is the key driver of our public education system. I am committed to student development. Reaching and surpassing the reading, math and writing goals for our elementary students is critical to succeed in upper-level STEM, Language Arts, Vocational, and all other classes. The education of our students is our priority.


  4. Teachers: 

    Teachers can change the world for students. They are the key to academic excellence. The pandemic has shown how teachers can go above, pivot, and adjust in order to help their students. We need to attract and retain good teachers. We can do that by offering support at the campus level. We must provide opportunities for professional development and advancement. We need to also enhance the substitute teacher program which furthers supports and provides flexibility. Teachers are dedicated, caring, and chose a profession that has a lifelong impact on our students.  Teachers are the advocates for pathways to learning. 


  5. Diversity: How would you help the diverse population

     It is important to have a Trustee that can relate to different groups and concerns a diverse student population has. I was an ESL student. I understand how hard it is. I understand how it is difficult for parents to navigate a school system without knowing the language, policies, and procedures. I understand being a free lunch student. I understand how it is to miss out on activities because there is no money for extras. A diverse population also brings knowledge of different cultures, different ideas, diverse goals. But we all have a common goal and purpose: our children’s education. 


  6. Pandemic

    PISD has a 50-page pandemic safety protocol in place that explains all aspects that have been implemented. We need to focus on the health and safety of our students. As we move into the last phase and expected to return to normal school operations, we will need to focus on the pandemic learning loss. We do not know the true extent of the learning loss for this year and we will need to implement mitigating strategies to ensure our students recover from educational deficits. 



  7. Other Issues: Safety


All of our students should feel safe at our schools. We have policies and procedures in place yet if no one listens the policies are for naught. Active listening and an active response protocol to the concerns of students in regard to bullying is critical. Bullying has lifelong consequences and we as a district should listen to the parents and students facing bullying and help.



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